Over the years, Nick Assef’s firm, Lincoln Crowne and Company, has developed a stellar reputation, due to his ability to build a team of strong negotiators. This reputation has been earned largely based on their tendency to use things Nick himself taught them, such as the tendency to use the most effective negotiating tactics and to employ innovative strategies in negotations, including some based on “game theory,” since Nick Assef believe s innovation is key to providing the best services to clients.

After all, his clients hire Nick Assef because they have a specific purpose in mind; they don’t pay to receive basic advisory services they can get anywhere. They hire Nick and his firm based on reputation. When Nick Assef founded the firm, he did not want average, he wanted an investment company that was well above the average investment advisory firm. Nick Assef’s level of expertise means he can develop growth strategies, address shareholder rights issues, and even perform strategic due diligence. And his firm takes after him.